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About Me

I have been interested in radio since the boom of CB radio in the late 1970's but although I wished to progress into Amateur Radio in the early 1980's, I could not spare the amount of time required to sit the then RAE as the study time period did not fit in with family life. It was only in late 2006 that I was sparked to life to finally progress into the hobby after listening to a local ambulance officers two way radio in his car, it spurred me on to resurrect my old scanner and the interest went from there as I searched the net for more frequencies and found the UK three tier system that had superceded the RAE, I also found my local radio club Barry Amateur Radio Society and began my climb through the ranks of the tiered licence system to where I am today. I sat the Foundation and Intermediate exams in 2007 at my local club and plucked up the courage to progress to the advanced (Full Licence) via Bath Distance Learning in Dec 2011. I would recommend a move into the hobby for anyone interested in making many friends all over the world. I have recently formed an internet Radio station with a good friend of mine, where I present regular shows primarily from 12 midnight to 2am UK time click HERE for more.